Project Description

Emerald Was Here

Discovery Time

Rich and velvety, the emerald hue is like no other gemstone. Ancient man credited it with protecting the wearer from deceit and jealousy. Nestled deep within the veins of our world, these delicate gems require great care to extract them from their earthly refuge. Extremely hard to find in larger sizes, combined with the great care needed to excavate them successfully, their value is significantly greater than other gemstones of a similar size. Mined in various countries, including Colombia, Zambia and Brazil, Ediz Dereli has a comprehensive selection of fine specimens.

This Is One Amazing Green

Unique Design

All pieces highlights the architectural beauty of the emerald cut, a cut that requires exceptionally precise cutting expertise.

Lord of the Greens

The rich hue of this rare lozenge cut Colombian emerald is like no other, it is greener than green; and one of the finest and rarest examples of emerald in the world today. 


Expertly hand selected by a member of the Dereli family to ensure each one meets our exacting standards.

The Attractive

Diamonds and emeralds set alongside sparkling white diamonds, showcase our masterful craftsmanship of the finest emerald cut jewels.


Its bewitching colour is effortlessly complemented by a scintillating halo of white heart shape diamonds, further complemented by a beautiful pavé diamond band.

Most special emeralds are selected, brought to us as raw.
Our elegant touches redefine love.And happy journey continues.
The happiest moment. We have a grand emerald jewelry.