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Feel the passion.

At Ediz Dereli we have an exquisite selection of fine rubies sourced from as far afield as Burma, Vietnam, Mozambique, Madagascar and Tanzania. There are few gemstones that can match the majestic colour of a fine ruby. Occurring in various shades of red from a pure deep crimson to tender tones of purple, pink and orange — there is something for everyone in the spectrum. Revered by many cultures throughout history for their magical properties, rubies are steeped in mystery with regards to their healing powers and are thought to endow the wearer with wealth and happiness.

A unique harmony.

Ruby; It is a mythical precious stone with a highly aesthetic appearance which can be found in various shades of red, pink and purple. Its elegant and remarkable structure has always attracted attention. Because of its red and shades of color, it represents love and is known as the aş love stone Kırmızı. Ruby also represents nobleness and dignity.

The best majestic.

The ruby stone is the second stone in terms of hardness after diamond and is very durable. One of the factors used in the ruby stone to be valuable and often used in jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and necklaces is that this stone is hard.

It’s The Most Romantic

Its normal appearance and its natural state is quite unpretentious, but it is a kind of stone that can be shaped like diamond when it is processed and cut. Semi-transparent or opaque. Those who are completely opaque are called “root ruby”. Cutting styles can be many kinds like round, oval, square, they are called “taye ruby”. Its processing is called “hood ruby”, as if it were made without “cut faces” like a drop.

The ruby gemstone is one of the most preferred gemstones. Blood red or pigeon blood is red in color. Yakuta is the element of chromium inside which gives its red color.

Most special rubies are selected, brought to us as raw.
Our elegant touches redefine love.And happy journey continues.
The happiest moment. We have a grand ruby jewelry.