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A Touch of Sapphire

The Most Special Blue.

Sapphires have been treasured for thousands of years. Deep blue sapphires have long been associated with royalty.Throughout history various cultures have attributed mystical powers to sapphires. In ancient times it was believed that sapphires protected their wearers from evil. In the middle ages, Europeans believed that sapphires cured eye diseases and preserved chastity. Sapphires have been used to symbolize nobility and faithfulness.

The grace, honesty, faithfulness…

Also known as “Stone of Legends“. Since ancient times, it has been seen as a symbol of seriousness, loyalty and loyalty. For this reason, sapphire was often used as an indicator of attachment, trust and honesty.

The most noble blue.

According to the belief, it is known as a sapphire gemstone in the east, and it is believed to bring abundance even today and it is thought to protect it from evil. The name Sapphire means anc beautiful thing S in Greek. In ancient Egypt, sapphire was the symbol of truth. In India, it was used as a sign of the riches and powers of the mihraq.


Sapphire is also a traditional gift for its 45th wedding anniversary; It is the birth star of September.


Blue sapphires can be found in various tones in terms of vitality and brightness.


Throughout history, it has been the symbol of truth, sincerity and loyalty.


It is stated that the sapphire gives peace, joy and wisdom to its users.

Most special sapphires are selected, brought to us as raw.
Our elegant touches redefine love.And happy journey continues.
The happiest moment. We have a grand sapphire jewelry.