Project Description


Loved for its magnificent colour, exotic tanzanite is one of the rarest gemstones in the world, and is becoming more precious every day. Deep, resplendent blue with a hint of violet that adds to its captivating appeal. Extremely rare because its deposits are limited to a single area, it ranks among the world’s most exclusive gemstones. As a Sightholder of TanzaniteOne Mining Ltd, Paul Wild has access to truly exceptional specimens weighing up to 200 carats. Our craftsmen cut these unique treasures into classic and baroque shapes, or enhance them with ornate carvings, while at the same time skillfully emphasising each individual stone’s unique character.

Ocean, sky and tanzanite.

Rare and Delicate

A rare gemstone of the same color as Sapphire and is treated with artificial heat to create a deep blue color. Naturally occurring tanzanite is very rare.

Light and Tanzanite

Tanzanite may appear different when viewed in alternative light conditions. Tanzanite may appear blue, violet and burgundy depending on the crystal shape.

Most special tanzanites are selected, brought to us as raw.
Our elegant touches redefine love.And happy journey continues.
The happiest moment. We have a tanzanite diamond jewelry.